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The Lohemian Vale of Treachery - The Gap (ca. 22 BBY)

The Vale of Treachery, was originally named by Twi'lek natives several hundred years prior as the Valley of Treasure.  Located near the mining village of Lohema on the planet Ryloth, the Vale was the site of several fortified settlements involved in armed conflict.  The conflict among these settlements reached their greatest extent during the violent last year of the Clone War. Some of these settlements contained mines that once provided great quantities of ryll and precious metals.


The 'Vale of Treachery' was a nickname attributed to Twi'lek political figure and eventual freedom fighter Cham Syndulla for the area southwest of Lohema noted for its steep cliffs, limited areas for agriculture and urban settlement, and its frequently contested mineral rights.   The control of the area's mines was fragmented after the downfall of the Offworld Mining Corporation during the decade immediately following the Stark Hyperspace War (46-35 BBY). Prosstang Industries, a Mandalorian-owned manufacturing conglomerate extended their supply chain capacity by acquiring mining rights and lining up labor contracts in this region of Ryloth. The support of many commercial interests aligned against the Republic enabled this acquisition to occur; following the deaths of CEO Q'osstigo Prosstang and CFO Rappretto Prosstang, these interests would withdraw their support and eventually resort to open hostility.

With the Trade Federation, Techno Union, International Banking Clan and Commerce Guild putting their resources together to usurp the mining rights from Prosstang Industries in the years following the death of the elder Prosstangs,  Ferrigo Prosstang and Jannigo Prosstang as the heirs to the company and experienced mercenaries, personally handled many small-scale armed contests to protect the mining operations and the communities of miners and their families.

Blue SectorEdit

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Blue Sector Fortress.

The Blue Sector was situated atop a large pocket of natural gases. Mining was minimal, and instead, industry in this area focused on tapping and containing these gases.  This sector has been occupied longest by Separatist forces.

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Various battle droids and auto-turrets deployed along the Blue Sector wall.

Gold SectorEdit

This sector was abandoned in 21 BBY by Ferrigo Prosstang's Posse, and was soon thereafter offered to the Grand Army of the Republic as an expression of peace.  The clear purpose of offering the 'Fortress of Gold' was to provide the Separatists with a barrier to accessing the largely populated Red Sector.

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A detachment of GAR troopers arrive to bolster Gold Sector.

Red SectorEdit

This sector had the largest constructions in the Vale, the largest number of residents and businesses.  It was also the only sector held by Ferrigo Prosstang and his comrades by the end of the Clone War.  A significant amount of funding for enhancing the defensive fortification was provided by Al'verde Beviin, fellow Mandalorian mercenary, friend and the penultimate swindler of Republic dataries from games of chance in countless systems between the Core and Inner Rim sectors.

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The Red Sector Fortress.