The Krandor's farm was a farm owned by Korren Krandor and his family, it was very close to the Krandor's house which was not too far behind the farm.


The Krandor's Farm


The farm was discovered in 60 BBY, and Barns and etc. were built on the property, as well as a house built behind the farm on a hill. Many years later the property was sold to Korren Krandor and his wife Aleena Krandor.

The Krandor's house

Korren Krandor, owner of the property, would make a living by selling his crops to the nearby village Hedgemill. Korren would often try to sell crops to the Khoonda, Khoonda was the autonomous government of the planet Dantooine from 3956 BBY to at least 3951 BBY, it was still around although they had very little control over Dantooine anymore, now more or less Dantooine was ruled by different tribes and villages, as their own personnel governments. Korren tried to sell crops to the Khoonda, which their headquarters were a hundred miles away, but the Khoonda always declined his offers.

New RepublicEdit

By the time of the New Republic, both the house, and the farm became private headquarters to Senator, Iris Krandor, daughter of Korren and Aleena Krandor.

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The Khoonda headquarters, 100 miles away from the Krandor's Farm