Built by families of three Mandalorian clans, the Prosstangs, Skiratas, and Ordos, the Kara'abesh'la Neralyc'geroya'aim (literally, Eastern Star Home of Hunting in the Grain),
HuntingGrainsLodges Overview 001crop

Lodges of the Hunting Grains on Concord Dawn.

Hunting Lodges of the Grains, or Hunting Grains, was located in the large sweeping pastures of Concord Dawn.  The Lodges provided a place for family and friends to rest, relax and share in contests and meals of various kinds.


Among the most famous clans in the Mandalorian system, the Ordos, Skiratas and Prosstangs had many interconnections. Over a period of more than six hundred years, members of these families who had intermarried took to celebrating these ties with many hunts on Concord Dawn.  Aside from the joy of hunting that most Mandalorians and their Concordian relatives shared, the practical matter of protecting agricultural crops was a key factor for periodic hunts.  Several hundred members of these clans, and associated families were known to come together for hunts and related celebrations.

Construction and LayoutEdit

From the north approach to the clearing on which the site was located, the Skirata Lodge was nearest to the immediate right.  Only slightly ahead and to the left, adjacent to the Skirata Lodge, was the Ordo Lodge.  To the far side of the clearing was the Prosstang Lodge.  Relatively centrally located was the darasuum dinui (eternal gift), a large dome fire pit with enormous, rail-mounted brackets with solar powered motor to turn a colossal rotisserie spike for large game.

MandoRancorRoast NeralGeroya 001

Ademm Hanrikke, Roast Master, prods the rotisserie rancor while the vode gather for the feast at the darasuum dinui (20 BBY).

Ordo LodgeEdit

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Ordo Lodge at Hunting Grains,at left. Skirata Lodge is to the right, and Prosstang Lodge in background.

Thought to have been initially constructed somewhere around 700 BBY, the Ordo Lodge, by customary deference to the Clan Ordo, was always the tallest of the three lodges.  The Ordo were known to be proficient in organizing a large number of member families to participate in the annual hunting festivities. The members of the Clan Ordo typically took top honors in contests of physical strength and hand-to-hand combat.
OrdoLodge Interior 002cropB

Jekk'l Ordo stands guard and scans for sniping opportunities.

Skirata LodgeEdit

SkirataLodge Interior 002crop

An open air sleeping quarter at Skirata Lodge.

The Clan Skirata, known for being the most rustically-inclined of the three clans, have been long-praised for their animal husbandry skills. Skirata Lodge features stalls for animal mounts and roba.  As 'Beastmasters of the Hunt', certain members of the Clan Skirata native to Concord Dawn delighted in teasing their cousins of other clans in riding competitions that punctuated annual month-long hunts. In the hunts themselves, the Skirata were patient trainers of willing riders of beast mounts, regardless of clan affiliation.
SkirataLodge Interior 001crop

Bri'in Skirata keeps a watch on the western reaches of the Hunting Grains.

Prosstang LodgeEdit

ProsstangLodge Exterior 001crop

Prosstang Lodge.

The Clan Prosstang produced many wealthy industrialists in its time, with fewer notable warriors than the Ordo and Skirata clans until the period preceding the rise of the Galactic Empire.  The Prosstang Lodge was designed by and for a lifestyle that centered on entertainment, luxury and pleasure.  That being said, most parties at the Hunting Grains ended at the Prosstang Lodge.  It has been said mostly in jest, that while beasts sire at the Skirata Lodge, all others sire at the Prosstang Lodge - and usually during the three day celebration that marks the closing of the annual hunt.
ProsstangSisters ProsstangLodge 001crop

Handalora and Noratine Prosstang prepare for their first hunt.