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A Republic LAAT is loaded with contraband weapons, no questions asked with payment received.

The Prosstang Industries Secured Distribution Facility on the 17th Moon of Makem Liva was over 4,000 years old upon its discovery and destruction by Imperial Intelligence operatives in 14 BBY.


During its heyday, prior to the Mandalorian Excision, Prosstang Select Arms Manufacturing had extensive industrial production facilities on several worlds in the Mandalore Sector, and throughout the Perlemian Trade Route and Hydian Way. After the Republic rained devastation on many of these facilities in the Mandalore Sector with nuclear bombardments, many operations of PSAM were shifted into more remote locations like the one featured here.  Another response to the Excision was that PSAM was restructured and renamed as Prosstang Industries, providing a broader range of consumer products and expanding the holdings of the company to include mineral extraction, forging and fabrication of sub-assemblies for products of other companies. The weapons production continued, albeit at a much reduced output, and increasingly focused on personal weapons systems at facilities in the furthest reaches of the Outer Rim.  Distribution of weapons was difficult under scrutiny from the ascendant New Mandalorian government. Built prior to the Mandalorian Wars, the remote facilities at the asteroid-like 17th Moon of Makem Liva became ever more important to Prosstang Industries in the years following the Excision, nearly 3500 years after their original construction.