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A group of Prosstang Posse members and Ferrigo Prosstang enter the Center for Racing and Sport

The Prosstang Industries Center for Racing and Sport on Iceberg 3, a.k.a. the Prosstang Pit of Chaos, or Pit of Chaos, was a small facility designed by Q'osstigo Prosstang for entertaining races and contests of physical combat.  The Pit of Chaos was completed by Ferrigo and Jannigo Prosstang between 32 and 28 BBY.  Most attendees of events at the Pit of Chaos were especially invited to these icy wastelands through connections with Prosstang Industries. The Prosstang Citadel on Iceberg 3 was located within 3 kilometers of the Pit of Chaos. The Pit of Chaos survived, along with the Citadel, for many years after the fall of the Galactic Empire.

==The Arcade== Edit

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The arcade, and stairs down to the Plaza Level viewing of the race track.

Infrequently, younger guests would join their parent or parents at the Pit of Chaos.  The arcade was a last-of-the line location for children to remain in relative security and warmth.

==The Race Course Plaza Level== Edit

The racing crowd had to endure the constant, cold weather.
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Members of the Prosstang Posse watch distant cousin Ademm Hanrikke complete his time trial for an upcoming speeder race.

  There were digital heaters placed at a few locations around the spectator stands.

==Indoor Arena== Edit

The indoor area of the Center for Racing and Sport was generally heated, but drafts would rip through the corridors occasionally.  The south side of the arena had a concourse of vendor stalls offering food, beverage, entertainment and wagers on the sporting events being held that week.
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Ferrigo Prosstang, Gela Tre'vhek and members of the Prosstang Posse enter the arena level.

====Gallery of Center for Racing and Sport Images==== Edit

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"Service with a smile? No?" - Noratine Prosstang orders food from Squinty's Grub Shack in the concourse.