The Prasztang'la Abbey be Kaitom'prosstang was located 160 kilometers north-by-northwest of
PrasztanglaAbbeyRhellcyok 001

The Prasztang'la Abbey be Kaitomprosstang (19 BBY)

Keldabe, Mandalore and featured a farming village nestled within a canyon.  The majestic cathedral and abbey ruin tower above the farming village, the families mostly from the Clan Prosstang - particulalry Rhells, Kuporrs, Tre'vheks and Ur'moggs. The farming families established a ring of vheh'yaim settlements, containing less than 200 total inhabitants.  Prasztang'la Abbey provided a substantial amount of food quality grains, fruit and vegetables, along with the rearing of livestock.  In 25 BBY, after a sincere meeting with the elderly village leader, Kad'igo Rhell, representatives of Grayson Galactic Enterprises' relief aid organization were granted occupation of small sites for shelter, and anonymity.  The youthful prodigy, Alexzandria Grayson, led this team in its travels from their base toward the Excision Zone several hundreds of kilometers to the southwest.

====Brief History of the Abbey==== Edit

The Abbey ruin was granted to Kurstigo Ebrak be Pras'tang and his relations around 3500 BBY by the Mand'alor of the time, in recognition for loyal and steadfast service in battle and in the crafting of superior armor and weapons made with beskar. The damage the Abbey suffered during the Mandalorian Wars was never fully repaired, and attempts at restoration completed stopped in the mid-650s BBY when intra-clan warfare erupted between Aliit'alor Jelkiga Prosstang-Velrrus and a small but committed group of dissidents who supported violent opposition to the New Mandalorian goverment.

Ferrigo SouthProsstangRegionMonastery 001

Ferrigo Prosstang stands before the Abbey be Prasztang, in the Southern Prosstang Region

==Entrance Gate== Edit

FerrigoAlexzandriaKhattaAleksaanaProsstang RhellcyokAbbeyEntrance 001

Ferrigo Prosstang, his beautiful wife Alexzandria Grayson-Prosstang, his oldest daughter Khatta Kels'mek, and their oldest daughter Aleksaana at the entrance to the Abbey (1 BBY)

The Entrance Gate was accessible from across a substantial ice covered hardstone arch...

==The Stores== Edit

Much of the food and beverage was stored in unsecured cold cellars...

==Defensive Overlooks== Edit

Several enclosed and open points from the Abbey provided excellent views for contemplative meditation, or defense.

==Village of Rhell'cyok== Edit

The village of Rhell'cyok had a small population of farmers who actively tilled, tended and harvested the fields located below the Abbey.