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The Mandalorian Outpost at Umbara

The Mandalorian Outpost at Umbara, a.k.a. the Gyros be Umbara Center for Mandalorian Excellence, or Umbara Dump, was a small facility designed and constructed by Ferrigo Prosstang between 22 and 20 BBY.

==Gyros be Umbara== Edit

MandalorianOutpostUmbara 002crop

The Prosstang Posse, with former leader Ferrigo Prosstang and Gela Tre'vhek prepare to hit 'Broadway' and the Gyros be Umbara

During its short-lived existence (22 BBY to 15 BBY) Gyros be Umbara (Heroes of Umbara) was a renowned dining establishment on a rather dour and gloomy planet.  Popular for its lively and spicy food, including liquefied roba shanks reconstituted into a solid barrel of meat roasted over an open flame, Gyros be Umbara opened a few franchise locations on planets in the Core region.

==Broadway== Edit

Broadway was the main street in the outpost, and was offered a tongue-in-cheek nickname. 

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Mandalorians in love stroll along Broadway

==That Bar== Edit

A large, multilevel bar that was perhaps the most popular hangout on the outpost grounds.

====Gallery of Mandalorian Outpost at Umbara Images==== Edit

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"Who's hungry?!"