30 BBY


Asteroid, Near Kamino


  • 30-20 BBY Galactic Republic
  • 20-??? BBY CPLRusty Layman

Early YearsEdit

This hangar was used as a secret base for the Republic shortly before the Clone Wars. After the first battle of Geonosis, the base was found by the Trade Federation. Nute Gunray notified Count Dooku, and the Seperatists launched a attack in 20 BBY.

The Clone WarsEdit

Battle For The HangarEdit

The attack was very brutal to the base, with the Separatists using heavy weapons and bombs to try and disable the base. The Republic fought back, with expert starfighter pilot Anakin Skywalker leading the way. Through the leadership of Anakin, the Republic came out victorious.

The PresentEdit

The base is under construction, and is owned by CPLRusty Layman, which he uses as his personal house while he is reconstructing.