CWA Felucian Palace Part 2

CWA Felucian Palace Part 2

Lani Legend in her Felucian Palace.

House CreationEdit

When Anne Secura married the Felucian king, John Calvet, she had a new palace built in in the capital city. She named it the Grand Felucian Palace and it became her home. The house took a whole 6 months to build. Despite that, it was quite small and plain for a palace.

Felucian TakeoverEdit

When Anne's young daughter, Lani Legend, overthrew her, Anne was moved to a Coruscant house and Lani redecorated the palace. Making it alot bigger, adding two more stories, painting all the walls, roofs and floors gold. She fitted a complexe security system, with red ray sheild doors progammed to recognise certain DNA and allow them to enter.The first floor was Lani's throne room, aswell as the throne,this room contained a long table, many holo maps and plants, with some comando droid guards. On the second story, there was a roof garden, it was full of beautiful plants from other worlds, fountains and some ornate trophies of Lani's. These were surrounded by turrets. Also there was a control room, manned by some of Lani's mercenary friends. Lani's family bedroom was opposite, and both rooms were guarded by destoryer droids. On the third floor, there was a meeting room and a storage room.

Important Events At The PalaceEdit

The Alliance For Peace: Felucian NeutralityEdit

Queen Lani had declined The Alliance For Peace's offer for Felucia to join the alliance, so the alliance sent the young mandalorian diplomat, Mesh'la Kryze, to try to convince Lani to reconsider. The meeting was a failure for the alliance, as Lani and Mesh'la argued. It was one of the few political meetings ever held in the Felucian palace.