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This wiki is owned by the CWA Character Wiki and the admins. This wiki is more about your houses. This is very similar to the CWA Character Wiki though. Please note some of the admins on here are not admins on the CWA Character Wiki. Please also read our policy pages. This wiki will allow fellow Clone Wars Adventures players to share their Houses and background info on their houses and stories about their houses. This wiki is only devoted to Clone Wars Adventures lots. Anyone can add their house page, so start sharing the background story on your house with the CWA world and we hope you enjoy reading others.

While this wiki is a place for fans to make their own unique characters, and therefore has very few format guidelines, there are some rules which must be followed. Please do not add any foul/inappropriate language to pages, if you do there will be punishment;

1 Time- Warning

2 Times- Banned for a day

3 Times- Banned for 5 days

4 Times- 10 days- If it is your player's bio you are editing, then it will be removed and you will be banned for 15 days

5 Times- Banned forever (punishment changes in certain cases)

Wiki Usernames that contain foul/inappropriate language or users with provocative/inappropriate avatars will not be allowed to edit.

Please do NOT use this wiki to promote religion, politics or gangs.

Some of the admins here are NOT admins on CWA Character Wiki. The founder of the CWA Character family is Wuher MosEisley.

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