this is quailfire's jedi member house.

This is quailfie pirate361 's personal house.Quailfire used it as a place for him to eat, sleep,and have guest over.It has computers for servants and a head computer for quailfire to control the other computers.It has an expensive security system and is located at the jedi temple.The house was first owned by a jedi named Ghuilfyt Lajkackly,but he was killed in the Russan -Bothawui conflicts.Quailfire has a swiming pool like almost all other jedi have.If quailfire is injured he would lay down on his bed and would rest.During order 66 quailfire used a secret exit that was made from quailfire using his lightsaber.Then the clones destroyed his storage supplies and hacked into computers.This house was almost completely destroyed and most of the house wreckage was stolen by robbers.This house was also used as a meeting place for many squads and many injured were treated here.